About Us

AngySix was born in 1969, in those years it was called “Confezioni Katy” and his adventure began with the production of men’s shirts.

The company, driven by the spirit of its founder Giacomo Rubagotti, wants to grow, learn, test and gradually increase its production, gets new employees and starts producing women’s clothes.

After many years of careful production and faithful to the demands of its customers, “Confezioni Katy ” looked forward and decided to innovate again:it became the brand named “Katy & Co.” and began to produce young fashion.


Katy & Co. sailing under full sail, proposes styles always updated with fabrics of the latest trends, offering a product with good price/quality ratio.


In a market of constant changes, “Confezioni Katy”, always attentive to customer needs, to the quality of its products, always trying to keep competitive prices, continues its evolution with a precise goal: becoming your supplier for the updated and fashionable woman’s wear.


In 2002, deposited its registered trademark, and relaunched its products under its private label “Angysix” : a total look wear for a trendy woman, spirited, fashion, always in step with fashion.

More than 50 different fabrics for several possible combinations for each collection and over 300 new styles every year!
Providing a complete service to customers means being able to produce quality and fashion at a competitive price in time and in ways that today the market demands: providing styles “ad hoc” in less than 72 hours from the customer’s ideas!

The quality of our products is given by three elements:

  • Fabrics: the quality of each fabric is tested by experienced staff;
  • Cut: the accuracy of the latest generation machines and reliability of qualified internal staff, allow the best result for each type of fabric and quality;
  • Sampling: our internal fashion makers are able to realize any kind of prototype following sketches and artworks of our customers.

AngySix’s customers are all kind of companies – small, medium and large – that make fashion their core business in Italy and abroad.


A passion for research, not only for the design themes in vogue, but also through the innovative fabrics and processes, geared towards making the product increasingly, functional, with good fitting, has led Confezioni Katy to come into close contact with the need of the consumer.


The Italian quality manufacturing, the experience gained in over 40 years of activity and the flexibility to the production, guarantee a uniqueness of our proposals!

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